HAZOP Leadership Training For Engineers

This course is designed to provide the basics of HAZOP study technique, its outcome and also to perform/review HAZOP report.
Price: Offer Rs.9,999 , Actual Price Rs.20,000
Duration: 2 days, per day 4 hours session with 20 minute break
Language: English
Date: To Be Advised
Time: 4 hours (Indian Standard Time)
Only 25 participants allowed

Training Structure

  • Training Application -> Selection -> Welcome Email / Regret Email à Sharing Instructions, Reading Material, Pre-Training Assessment, Telegram Group (for any instructions) -> Session 1 -> Assessment 1 email -> Mid-Week 1 Live Q&A on Wednesdays ->  Session 2 -> Assessment 2 email -> Mid-Week 2 Live Q&A on Wednesdays ->  Session 3 -> Assessment 3 email -> Mid-Week 3 Live Q&A on Wednesdays ->  Session 4 -> Assessment 4 email -> Mid-Week 4 Live Q&A on Wednesdays ->  Session 5 -> Assessment 5 email -> Mid-Week 5 Live Q&A and Certificate Give away

What you will learn

  • What is a HAZOP Study?
  • Definition of basic terms
  • Risk matrix/ALARP principle
  • When toPerforma HAZOPStudy
  • Different stages of Hazop study and relevant Data requirement
  • HAZOP  STUDY - Team composition and Responsibilities
  • Generally accepted rules of HAZOP
  • OverallHAZOPMethodology
  • Layers of protection/Safeguard
  • Hierarchy of controls (with simple example)
  • HAZOPStudy-Example
  • Relation between HAZOP and LOPA
  • LOPA Study-Example
  • PHA Software-Usage and advantages

Target Audience

1.Process/Process Safety Engineer with Chemical/Petrochemical Engineering Background

Pre-Training Assessment

Shall be provided before commence of the training and confirmation of participation

After training, you will be able to

Prepare, Organize, Conduct, Lead and Chair a HAZOP session

Course Materials

Presentation Material and Book on HAZOP Methodology


Joseph Suresh
HAZOP/LOPA Chairman & QRA Specialist - Process Safety Consultant and HSE Trainer
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Maximum Participants: 25  
If you face any difficulty, please email us at [email protected] and we will get back immediately.
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