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Training Benefits

Let's see the benefits of training for Companies and Individuals

For Organizations

Complying with National and Internation regulations including Company HSSE objectives
Satisfying clients expectation and quality regarding HSE
Minimizing the consequences of process safety incidents
Enhancing business performance, reliability and availability
Ensuring strategic and competitive advantage

For Individuals

Helps participants to be proficient in process hazards analysis techniques like, HAZID, HAZOPs, SIMOPS, What-If, What-If/Checklist, LOPAs, SIL etc.
Deal with unanticipated release of toxic, reactive, explosive and highly flammable liquids and gases
Empowers participants to be better informed and help to achieve Company Objective and productivity
Enhances career prospects and helps value greater responsibility towards health, safety and environment
Just reach us for all your “Trainings and Process Safety” needs and we will provide the right solution to achieve zero lost-time incidents

For On-Site Training or Corporate Bookings and any further queries please email us at training@iFluids.com
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